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We want you to participate in our online survey, so we are providing you with information about our use of the information you provided at this website,

To this end, Express and our research partner, Mindshare Technologies, Inc., will not use technical means (keystroke loggers, spy ware, cookies, web bugs, etc.) to gather personal information about you, your computer, or your computer usage. Unless you specifically request that we contact you and provide us with contact information, we do not collect personally identifiable information about you. Any information gathered directly from this survey, including your IP address, will only be used for consumer research purposes (e.g. verifying data integrity) intended to improve your future experiences with us. Please remember that you may receive marketing materials from Express if you have signed up to receive information about or made a purchase at Express at our website (, or signed up to receive information through our Express credit card or in our stores. Your information provided through this survey will not be sold to any other firm, individual or organization. Furthermore, we will not contact you, based on this survey information, unless you specifically request that Express contact you about this survey, and then we will associate your answers with the information you provide for contact to address your concern. If Express were to merge with, acquire, or be acquired by another business entity, if you have consented to be contacted about this survey, some or all of the personally identifiable information collected about you could be shared with that entity.

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